2016 scholarship recipient Rachel Krulls

RAA Dawn Thomas hands Rachel Krulls her 2016 scholarship award.

Rachel Krull’s Winning Statement of Purpose:

Cartoonist Scott Adams once stated, “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” These words accurately relate the journey I’ve made as a young artist. Through the creation of art, there are many steps in developing one’s personal voice. These include not being afraid to take risks and being original. While being creative and spontaneous, the artist also needs to practice the principles and elements of design in order to achieve their vision in an appealing approach.
I’ve been involved with fine art for all my life. As a senior in high school I’ve taken many electives including: Drawing and Painting, AP Studio Art, AP 2D Portfolio Design, and Graphic Arts. During my junior year I also began working in downtown Kansas City for a non-profit organization called MyARTS as a visual and ceramic artist.
I value the creation of art because it is an excellent tool in self-expression. It is a way of relating my ideas and dreams. Through my experience as a fine artist, I have experimented with many different forms. These include various types of painting, pottery and clay-making. beading, embroidery, screen-printing, wood-making, and many other methods. Experimenting with different mediums keeps me interested and curious.
As I began to progress using different mediums and methods. I realized that I to find more meaning behind the works of art that I created, I began explaining myself through my art and strategically forming it in a way that symbolized different themes or ideas. I also began to practice writing my artist statement in my 2D Portfolio Design class, where I was allowed to analyze the meaning for making art a certain way; I imagined myself as the viewer rather than the artist. I wanted my pieces to relate to the viewer exactly how I felt.
There is purpose jn all forms of life, As I begin to mature in my path of becoming a visual artist, I hope my prospective college, Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI), helps me find my purpose for creating art. It is powerful in the way that it can help others. I take great joy in seeing my vision come to life and I feel that teaching others to do the same would be equally rewarding. This is why I’ve chosen to complete a teaching certificate after receiving my bachelor’s degree. With it, I plan to help others express themselves creatively, and possibly change their lives.
KCAI is the perfect fit for me for many reasons. One is because it is 20 minutes from home. I would conveniently be able to go to school while living at home and save for essentials, like a car or an apartment. Another reason is because of its location; Kansas City is a place known for its art and expressive culture. Hundreds of young, aspiring artists live here who share a goal not unlike my own: spread my talent and expand my thoughts. As I become a professional I will continue to be fearlessly creative while I also structure my knowledge in how to accurately express my vision. I hope to relate this knowledge to others, which will reward me with a greater purpose in life.

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