2017 scholarship recipient Davion Turner

FEATURED RAA Scholarship Chairperson Jodi McGee hands Davion Turner his 2017 scholarship award.

Davion Turner’s Winning Statement of Purpose:

Why Art?
Ever since I was a little kid, I have always had an eye for art. Whether it be from watching hours of cartoons after school or making my own comic books, the entire concept of drawing stuff was fun and has been at the center of my life forever. Thanks to my many inspirations such as; Captain Underpants, Eddsworld, and the early 2000’s era of cartoon shows, I have become hooked to the genre of art. These pieces of art helped me forge my own comic stories, style of drawing, and has exposed me to all different kinds of art. I have become interested in Photography, Graphic Design, Animation, and Film-Making, and thanks to a local Art Institute I am able to delve into each category with ease. The Kansas City Art Institute was my dream school to attend, and after recently being accepted, one of my dreams has become a want to try it all, I want to share my art with the world and inspire others to escape from their comfort zone, and achieve every dream they have bottled up want to become, the forever expanding artist.

2016 scholarship recipient Rachel Krulls

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