C. Fay Graeff

Fay is a longtime Raytown area resident and retired real estate agent. Having a life-long interest in the arts, she had her first formal art class at Washington University. Planned schooling was delayed by marriage and raising a family of four. But interest stayed strong. Fay graduated from High School from Festus, Missouri later with two years of college in Kansas City. Workshops and courses include those with Mark Weber, master artist, (2 years), Phil Stark, excellent teacher with large following and several years with Johannes Vloothuis, renowned artist with students around the world. She also uses DVDs and a fine collection of art books.
Her favorite subject is still life, as setup stays there and light can be controlled. She also likes landscapes and painting outside among the haystacks, cows and horses.She prefers painting from life but sometimes refers to photos.
Fay has been a member of RAA for 4 years. She has won awards at the Raytown Invitational Show.
Contact Fay to purchase a painting at 816-353-5432.