Donna Hanna

Donna is a life-long resident of the Kansas City area. Over the years her love of music, dance, poetry, fine art, photography, crafts, and virtually anything creative has led her in many directions. She has engineered recording sessions, engaged in dance lessons, written poetry, studied photography, and indulged in a variety of crafts.

In 2008, Donna retired from Federal Civil Service and enrolled in a Multi-Media studies program at the Kansas City Art Institute.  She quickly realized that Photoshop provided her an avenue of creative expression and began her journey into digital art/enhanced photography. Donna believes it was her destiny to become an artist. Since completing her studies, she has focused on her award-winning digital art, as well as acrylic/oil painting, and handmade jewelry. Donna’s collectors reside both locally and throughout the southern midwest region.

Raytown Artist’s Association, Raytown, MO;  Summit Art, Lee’s Summit, MO;  National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society.

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