Richmond Hoffman

Richmond HoffmanFor most of my life, I was convinced that I had no artistic ability. But I found that I enjoyed coloring with my granddaughters and began coloring adult coloring books with Prismacolor pencils and markers. In less than a year, I decided to attempt to learn to paint, joining an art group for seniors that met once a week at the Hillcrest Community Center. And I found that I thoroughly enjoyed participating in their annual art exhibition held last May.
Books by Jerry Yarnell have been used to teach myself how to paint and several of his shows on PBS Create television have been recorded.  As the acrylic paintings that I have done from the Yarnell books are not original paintings, they are not being available for sale to avoid any possibility of copyright infringement that might cause problems for the Raytown Art Association.  (Although Jerry Yarnell has stated in one of his internet magazines that paintings from his books and DVD’s could be sold without fear of copyright infringement.)
My wife wanted to travel when she retired. We purchased a pickup and a travel trailer and spent several months a year for five years traveling throughout out the USA. My original goal was to be able create paintings of respectable quality to put on the walls of our home that would remind us places that we have traveled. I am now hoping that I can paint some original paintings that would be worthy of entering local art exhibitions.
I have no aspirations to be a professional artist. However, I do enjoy painting and have begun to take pride in my works. And I feel that I may be on the way to becoming a fairly good example that anyone with a sincere desire to learn, can learn to paint.